Skhoop & Noso Upcycle #collab – The Hottest Skirts in the Business Get Their Patch On!

We’re terrible with secrets. It’s been hard to keep quiet this long, but we’re excited to share with your our latest upcycle collaboration and addition to the Noso family.


Y’know the ladies who make the original insulated ski skirts over at SKHOOP?  This year, they had 84 yards of leftover fabric from their 2017 / 2018 product line.  Instead of shipping it off to the landfill and hoping it magically biodegrades in less than 40 years, Noso rescued it and designed some fabulous custom patches with the Skhoop Logo outline in Lily Pink, Bordeaux, and Champagne.

We’re stoked to work with Skhoop.  Not only have we helped this company implement a closed loop supply chain but we’ve also helped to reduce textile waste at the manufacturing level, and provided a DIY repair solution for their customers.



Noso Patches Made with Upcycled Fabric from Skhoop

Did we mention how much we LOVE these new Skhoop fabric colors?!  A bit different than our norm core, simple, but bold colors in our signature collection.  These colors are striking and add a bit of pop to your favorite gear.  Check out the Meow Pow Packet in Champagne

This is a limited edition collection.  All of our patches are available in 3 new colors, Lily Pink, Bordeaux, and Champagne right now in our store. Hurry, these patches will sell out fast!


Oh, and if you love the Skhoop Flower, find it on Skhoop’s website in 6 gorgeous colors.


Stick with us & patch on!


Title Nine Movers and Makers - 11/9/17

Phew!  It’s been one year?  What?!  A lot has happened… I’ve met some wonderful people in the Outdoor Industry.  I’m so thankful for everyone who stopped by Noso’s booths at trade shows to place orders, picked up the phone and called me back, responded to my emails and gave us feedback over the year as to what we should do next… including colors, designs, and hang tag edits.



As we fall into November,  I want to give a shout out to our #girlboss partners at Title Nine — all of you ladies totally ‘effin rock!  It is an honor to be chosen as a 2017 ” T9 Mover and Maker” along with the founders of Bronwen Jewelry, Skhoop, Krimson Klover, and Katie Homes Art.  Side note:  I met Missy Park, founder of Title Nine at Outdoor Retailer last year.  When she said “I’m going to help you, you’re the real deal”, I was so stoked for this potential partnership, I started to dance in my booth.  Not knowing what that meant… I remained optimistic until the details were shared this fall.  Thank you Missy, for seeing the light in me and helping me spread the Noso love with the world.   I believe as women we need to stick together, let’s build a #fempire of women who love and support each other.  Missy, my friend… I’m adding you to my Shero list!



Happy Patching,



Eclipse in the Tetons - 8/23/17

Noso’s hometown, Jackson, Wy. Was lucky enough to be right under the path of totality during Monday’s ‘Great American Eclipse’. People from around the world flocked to our tiny town, hoping to experience the event. We were repeatedly warned of massive traffic jams and total infrastructural failure, but, luckily for us, none of that happened. The town seemed almost empty compared to the apocalyptic predictions made by the newspaper. Cars rolled lazily down un-clogged streets as they always have. My family and I decided to watch the eclipse from the beautiful ‘R-Park’ in Wilson Wyoming. We set up chairs and began the aching process of waiting for totality. The first hour or so of an eclipse is pretty uneventful. You wouldn’t even know if you didn’t have the glasses on. In the 20 minutes leading up to totality, however, half the sky went dark. The temperature began to drop and we literally shivered in anticipation, watching the moon slowly inch across the sun.


I know its cliche, but its hard to describe totality. The most remarkable moments are the first and the last. Watching the Sun flare out behind the moon is a breathtaking and remarkable experience.  When everything went quiet, and dark, I felt the world stand still. Nobody moved or blinked. We were all enraptured by the sphere in front of us. The sky was dark, and stars were twinkling around us. Never have I felt more a part of the universe. All in all, it was a pretty solid experience



Chief Millennial Officer

Photo Credit: Rick Fineberg
First Anniversary - 8/16/17

Its been a year since Noso was successfully funded on Indiegogo. This past year has been a pretty wild ride. We’ve started to spread across the country securing wholesale accounts with retail stores across North America and continue to educate and influence people about textile waste and why it’s important to repair and not replace.   Noso provides us opportunities to meet incredible people and do some incredible things. Its crazy to think that with a small dedicated team what you can accomplish in a short time.  Thank you to all our contractors and vendors who helped us get to today — you rock, and you know it!

We are so excited for our second year in business. We can’t wait to see our patches saving coats across the world.  We plan to grow slow, with our goal of Noso becoming a household name.   We’re looking forward to hiring sales reps, securing distribution and maybe even hiring someone in house!  We invite you join us on this adventure.  Our customers, ambassadors and athletes help us continue to grow the Noso brand and spread the Noso Patching Love. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us. Thank you for all of your love and support.

We aim to provide you with the best repair products that extend the life of your gear.