How are YOU doing in this pandemic?  How have you, your employees, and your business been affected?  What are your biggest issues? What can we do to help?

At NoSo, we continue to scale operations and add value to our customers’ lives.  We believe the most sustainable products are the ones that last.  We strive to help manufacturers design from a place of circularity. We believe that when a critical mass of people patch their gear instead of trash it the impact is huge.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, having a business model of profits-with-a-purpose puts us in a strong position.  When consumers make thoughtful decisions with their spending habits, businesses take notice. The trend of purpose-driven missions is redefining success in business, where sustainability and care for the environment are forefronted. Here at NoSo, we are recession-proof. Our mission is to keep products in use, reduce textile waste, and keep that waste out of the landfill.  We’re good here.  While our employees are working from home, NoSo is open for business and customers can expect the same level of service and responsiveness from our team.

In the three short years since we launched NoSo, I’ve witnessed how one product can have an amazing ripple effect. Giving people an option for contributing to the sustainability of the planet is good business – and good for people. When consumers feel like they are having an impact, they are more motivated to keep working toward a sustainable future. Large manufacturers are starting to take notice, saying, “Oh, cool. This NoSo thing, it’s genius!”  If repairing something is genius, then I guess we’re all geniuses😊! You are an early adopting genius since you’ve been with us since the beginning. I truly believe that together we are creating the change we want to see in the world.

While many things seem uncertain right now, NoSo is focused on the future. We know there will be an opportunity to patch everything up and build a better world.  In this time of contemplation, we can rethink our actions and pivot towards a collaborative goal: to repair our world and create a more sustainable tomorrow.

Little things (like NoSo) have a big impact. Stay easy, stay happy, and stay “genius.”

In peace,


P.S. Happy Earth Day!