holiday wrap up

PatchDazzle Kit



Ease into the New Year. Check out our DIY step-by-step how to repair gear guide & patchdazzle your favorite gear with our p’dazzle kit, it’s 100% worth it!
Repurpose those fancy cookie cutters.  Makers gonna make, patch power to the people!

Prep: 1 mins
Creativity: 5 mins
Cook (with hair dryer):  1 mins
Total: 7 mins


  1. Various Patchdazzle Kits
  2. Favorite cookie cutters
  3. Scissors ✂️ / xacto blade
  4. Marker
  5. 2 teaspoon love
Step 1. On a large cutting mat, lay out dazzle kits + your favorite cookie cutters.
Patchdazzle kit
Step 2. Preheat hairdryer (plug it in).
Step 3. With a marker, outline the backside of dazzle kit fabric liner with marker + favorite cookie cutter.
Step 4. Use scissors or xacto blade to cut out shape.
Step 5. Apply patch to gear and heat with hairdryer. Viola! Now you’re style-tastic!