NoSo Patches announces “Stay-at-Home Patch The World Design Challenge”


Jackson, WY – NoSo Patches has launched a Stay-at-Home Patch Design Challenge for Jackson and surrounding areas. The concept is simple: Community members of all ages are invited to design a “merit patch” to reward acts of service during this challenging time. Patch designs will go through a fun community judging process and the winners will be made into real NoSo Patches!  The deadline for entries is April 30, 2020.

The merit patches will reward superheroes based on these themes:








We’d love to have our community create these merit patches so that we can reward friends and neighbors with when we see them doing good, being good, and living good.  This is a way to celebrate acts of goodness both big and small, and to let others know they are heroes.

How to submit your merit badge design:

  1. Pick a theme (Kindness, Respect, Laughter, Sustainability, Courage, Listening, or Love)
  2. Design your patch. You can draw, paint, collage it, or use a design software such as Photoshop or Adobe.
  3. Upload designs to Instagram and tag @nosopatches and use the hashtag #nosopatches
  4. Or mail in your submissions to:

NoSo Patches

P.O. Box 63

Jackson Hole, WY 83001

Judging process:

  1. NoSo will collect all the designs.
  2. NoSo will conduct a community vote on the NoSo Instagram Story.
  3. The winner’s art will be converted into real patches!
  4. The winning patch designers will be featured on the NoSo Instagram page and will receive free patches to help, patch the world.