“…like a graphic haiku.”

~ Pae White, American Artist

“What is old, is new again.” We are very excited to announce our patch partnership with Vera Brand. Vera brand is a celebration of the lifework of a famed American artist, entrepreneur and American fashion industry icon, Vera Neumann.

With nature as her inspiration, Vera perfected the balance of color & shape.  Known for her bright florals, bold geometrics, scenic motifs, and other cheerful designs, she is best known for her linen patterns and scarves signed in her distinctive cursive signature “Vera” featuring a little ladybug.

Vera was a pioneer in the abstract art movement and a major influence on mid-century modern design. She built her iconic brand and cross-licensing empire by making her art accessible and affordable to all through a wide range of products. She was one of the first designers to trademark her prints, and designed 500 prints a year and has over 8,000 designs copyrighted in the Library of Congress.

Vera became hugely popular in the 60s because of her iconic scarves.  By 1972, the Vera Brand retailed in over 20,000 stores world wide.  Even though she sold to the masses, some of her fans included John Lennon, Jane Fonda and Tyra Banks.  Even Marilyn Monroe’s was a fan – in her final sitting for Vogue Magazine she posed in nothing more than a sheer yellow and orange Vera scarf just before her death.

Vera’s work can be found in the collections of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Museum of Arts and Design. Her work has also been the subject of exhibitions at the Smithsonian Institute and Fashion Institute of Technology.

We invite you to celebrate your repairs with a little more color this season!  Add a spark of joy to your favorite jacket, backpack, tent, glove, duffle, eco grocery bag, and much more!  Make a statement with NoSo Vera Neumann Patches and encourage your friends and family to patch the planet too!  It’s a small world and we have to protect it for future generations to enjoy.



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