I Shop Small

As our daily lives have changed drastically over the past few months, one thing has remained constant and resounding: our friendships. Through the Title Nine Movers & Makers initiative, we have built a strong community of small, women-owned brands who show up for each other when we need it the most. We want to see [...]

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Jessica Miyuki Noso ArtFix Artist Spotlight

New collaboration with textile and graphic designer, Jessica Miyuki! The Jessica Miyuki Artfix collection includes 4 beautiful new tropically inspired patches just in time for summer!  They are perfect for repairing beach bags, luggage and even foldable grocery totes! If you're interested in purchasing original artwork and prints or a beach bag, visit Jessica Miyuki's [...]

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A.D. Maddox Noso ArtFix Artist Spotlight

The A.D. Maddox Noso ArtFix collection brings the unique elements and vibrant colors of A.D.’s work to your everyday attire.  Whether heading to the river and you snag your waders or simply embracing another inspiring day in the outdoors in your puffy jacket and tear it in a thicket, her designs are a perfect way [...]

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How Are YOU doing with this crisis?

How are YOU doing with this crisis?  How have you, your employees, and your business been affected?  What are your biggest issues? What can we do to help? At Noso, we continue to scale operations and add value to our customers’ lives.  We believe the most sustainable products are the ones that last.  We strive to [...]

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2019 Title Nine Pitch Fest

The second annual Title Nine Movers and Makers Pitch Fest will be taking place on Friday, September 20th. The event will be happening at the T9 headquarters in Emeryville, CA. The Pitch Fest is a contest for women-led businesses. The winners will receive mentorship from Title Nine founder Missy Park and a purchase order from [...]

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Reducing Textile Waste With Noso Patches!

The Textile Waste Problem At Noso, we love gear. Tents, jackets, backpacks, and pretty much anything else you can throw a patch on. But something we love even more is keeping it on the trail! Do you know how much textile waste each person generates in the US? 81 pounds according to the EPA! The [...]

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Skhoop & Noso Upcycle #collab – The Hottest Skirts in the Business Get Their Patch On!

We’re terrible with secrets. It’s been hard to keep quiet this long, but we’re excited to share with your our latest upcycle collaboration and addition to the Noso family. Y’know the ladies who make the original insulated ski skirts over at SKHOOP? This year, they had 84 yards of leftover fabric from their 2017 / [...]

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Eclipse in the Tetons

*Photo Credit: Rick Fineberg Noso’s hometown, Jackson, Wy. Was lucky enough to be right under the path of totality during Monday’s ‘Great American Eclipse’. People from around the world flocked to our tiny town, hoping to experience the event. We were repeatedly warned of massive traffic jams and total infrastructural failure, but, luckily for us, [...]

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Our First Anniversary

Its been a year since Noso was successfully funded on Indiegogo. This past year has been a pretty wild ride. We’ve started to spread across the country securing wholesale accounts with retail stores across North America and continue to educate and influence people about textile waste and why it’s important to repair and not replace. [...]

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