Stick it To 'Em with Noso!

We love partnering with people, brands, and organizations for Custom Noso Patches. From Skhoop’s up-cycle fabric patches to Arcteryx’s new store openings, to the Dartmouth ski team’s Olympic celebration, we’d love to help you design a custom patch.
If you’re the marketing manager of a ski resort, sports teams, or even if you’re throwing a fantastic party… we’ll help you create a promotional patch so you’ll have lasting mementos for your special event, cause, or brand!
  • Printed with environmentally friendly ink
  • Made in the USA
  • Fun for all ages.

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Custom Noso Packets

Who needs useless key chains, and the stickers?
Create a custom patch with a purpose.
Great for down jacket repair, sleeping bag repair, tent repair, backpack repair, or just adding style to your gear so you know it's yours!

We Provide the Canvas & Tools

You create something uniquely your own. We also offer a range of custom packaging to suit your needs. Perfect for retail settings and gift bags. Your personalized Noso Patch design arrives in 2-5 weeks.
Please contact us at [email protected] for a quote!


Deuter "We always try to create promotional items that have purpose - this one helps prevent packs from finding their way into the landfill," said Becky Marcelliano, marketing manager for Deuter. "So many swag items end up in the landfill, and we hate that. Plus, the Noso brand is fun, adventurous and top quality, just like Deuter."


Need Inspiration? Check Out a Few of Our Customized Patches

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Patches

Our custom programs have an order minimum of 500 per design for standard custom, so unfortunately not. We have existing patches available online so we might have one that you could try out, before you commit to anything.

Custom Noso do not include a custom patch design. However, we provide feedback on submitted design at no charge. We do have access to a couple of designers that we would be happy to introduce you to. Any services by a designer would be at an additional cost determined by the artist.

All of the custom Noso we print are held to the same high aesthetic standards as the Noso for sale on our site. We do have to say “no” to custom Noso from time to time for various reasons.

Noso requires a high resolution file or minimum 300DPI image for high quality printing.  We can work with any file format, but prefer .jpg .png .tiff, .ai or .eps formats.

Of course! A portion of the Noso hang tag is reserved for branding content. Depending on the size of the Noso, we can place anything from a black and white logo, URL information, a hashtag, or catchy slogan at an additional cost per hang tag.

Our custom Noso do come packaged. We can offer loose patches if not for resale. We do offer a variety of packaging options; please contact us for more information and pricing.

We currently have a beautiful prepped for printing 3.3 oz polyester to print on. Contact [email protected] for details!

What am I? Well, there are quite a few answers to this riddle!! Porcupine, nurse, pine tree, record player, cactus!

Noso Patches are a low-cost and fun way to reach a large audience. They are perfect for handing out at events or adding a little extra for your customers when included in a shipment. Average turnaround time, including shipping, is 2-5 weeks.

Please contact us at [email protected] for pricing details!