There is no limit to who can use Noso, you can add flair or repair just about anything! Noso Patches fit perfectly with a variety of retail environments.  Our wholesale lineup includes 100 of our best selling individual shapes and designs.  Interested in having Noso in your store? Become a partner, email us at wholesale@nosopatches.com or apply online at our registration page !  We look forward to meeting you at the next trade show!

Noso are:
Safe & non-toxic
Printed with eco friendly ink
Better than tape and fun for all ages!

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New Customers

Email wholesale@nosopatches.com  or use our online application to apply for an access code to start stocking Noso Patches in your store!


Noso are sold in over 500 stores in over 10 countries. Find Noso in some of the best stores worldwide. When you can’t wait for shipping, or when you’re already at your favorite brick-and-mortar shop, you can pick up Noso Patches in person. Select retailers have included:

Big Agnes
Big Rays
JAX Goods
Andes Gear
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Sporting Life
Christy Sports
Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Girls Scouts
Yellowstone Club
Alps Brands

Noso Patches are the best.

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