Noso strives to help eliminate textile waste by making it easier to repair your gear. We were born in the mountains, and we deeply love the outdoors. Noso wants to preserve the environment by keeping gear out of landfills. And we know you love that puffy jacket you’ve had forever, so keep it on your back and out of the stack.

Along with saving your gear, we want you to save your packaging. It’s designed for reuse! Here are some ideas on how to give your Noso hang tag and bag a second (or third. or fourth.) life.

Take a look at some of the questions our Happy Patchers have sent us:

What can I do with the Noso crack and peel liner?
The corners are GREAT for cleaning your fingernails after you’ve been working in the yard. TIP: Do this in the privacy of your own bathroom.

The liner is waxed paper.  You can add this as a fire starter to your Ten Essential System.


I always lose my place in my book. Can I use a patch to mark my page?

Sure can. But we’ll do ya one better. Patchdazzle your favorite jacket and use the crack and peel LINER for your bookmark. We want your gear to be permanently repaired. Not your novels.


My big poly bag has a hole, but I don’t want to throw it out. What can I do?

Ummm…put a patch on it! Duh!

If you are a swimmer, store your goggles. With a hole in the bag, they will drain nicely.


If I put a stamp on my hangtag, will the Post Office really deliver it? 

Yes! As long as it has the correct postage on it, the Post Office will deliver a watermelon. Break out your address book and get postcarding! Check out this #hangtagpostcard we sent to our friend:


I know bags aren’t toys, but I want to have some FUN. What can I make that will provide hours of entertainment?

Parachute for toys: Cut your poly bag into a square and tie string around the corners – badda bing badda boom!  A parachute for your toys!  Great for big kids and small kids alike.


I just purchased a lifetime supply of patches (I’m real clumsy), so I have a ton of bags. How do I keep them off trash island?

First of all, thanks for the HUGE order! Ask your local school – often schools need items like poly bags for crafts or reusing in art projects. Or recycle it! Look for your nearest recycling facility in your community.

Do you have question about how to reuse? Email and we’ll reply with our best and cheekiest answer!