There’s something encouraging about local pride. That’s because a town is made of up people and places—Or to put it another way: The activities people take part in (like business, recreation, and self-expression) and the natural world (like plants, animals, geography, and climate) we find ourselves in.

NoSo Patches HQ is proudly located in Jackson, Wyoming. Nestled in Jackson Hole—which refers to the valley and not the town itself—is near Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the National Elk Refuge. No wonder this area is a hotspot for outdoorsy and adventurous people! From the towering mountains and placid lakes, lush trees and snowy slopes—not to mention all the bison, bears, and myriad of other amazing creatures… It’s just too perfect being located in an amazing community with close ties to their natural surroundings.

Beyond the obvious natural beauty, Jackson also offers a lot of local culture. There’s no shortage of small businesses offering delicious bites to eat, home goods, and—of course—outdoor gear. Which is exactly why our repair patches for outdoor gear and apparel was spawned here!

As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we know how easy it is to snag your favorite puffy jacket, puncture a pair of hiking pants while playing with a rambunctious dog, or find a tear in your tent while backpacking. These rips, tears, and punctures can be a real bummer—especially when you pay big bucks for your outdoor gear.

Luckily, NoSo Patches are simple, durable, waterproof, and permanent solutions to these common problems. Not to mention, they look good doing it! We offer all sorts of designs for patches including animals, artwork, national park badges, and even the Wyoming Flag, if that’s how you show your local pride.

We even have Jackson Hole patches!

wyoming patch
grand tetons patch
grand tetons patch
Jackson Hole Rainbow

Of course, it’s not just Jacksonites that need outdoor apparel repair patches. Which is why we sell our patches online and in 500-plus stores in more than 10 countries; you can even reach out to NoSo if you’re looking for a seller in your local town. Nevertheless, we pride ourselves on acting locally and thinking globally.

So, why not pick up a few patches that show the things that you’re proud of by visiting the NoSo Patches online store!