Winter is officially over—and even the spring snow is melting away. But before you toss your favorite Eddie Bauer jacket and those trusty ski pants into the back of the closet, take a moment to show them some love!

Proper storage of winter gear and apparel ensures you’ll be ready to conquer the slopes next season.

Clean Up Your Winter Gear

First things first—a thorough cleaning:

  • Empty those pockets. We’ve all been there: Forgotten lift tickets, wadded-up tissues, earbuds, loose cash, and maybe even a rogue french fry (don’t judge!).
  • Wash those layers. Toss your base layers, liners, and anything else that can handle the washing machine into a gentle cycle.
  • Protect your proofing. For your outer shell, Nikwax is your best friend. Their waterproofing products will keep your gear performing its best, season after season.
  • Condition your gear for a long time. Don’t forget to condition your gloves and wash those sweaty liners—nobody wants a funky aroma next winter.

Patch Up Your Outdoor Winter Apparel

Winter adventures can be tough on your gear. A rogue branch might snag your jacket, a campfire spark might damage your favorite ski pants, or a rambunctious puppy can leave your pants looking worse for wear. These are just the consequences of a rough-and-tumble lifestyle.

But don’t despair! Ditch the duct tape and sewing needles (they’re no match for synthetic fabrics). NoSo Patches is your one-stop shop for quick, easy repairs that look great too.

Here’s the lowdown on how to apply a NoSo Patch:

  1. Clean the damaged area: Grab some rubbing alcohol and wipe down the damaged area. This removes any dirt or debris that might prevent the patch from sticking perfectly.
  2. Peel and place your NoSo Patch: Carefully peel the backing off your NoSo Patch and position it over the hole or tear.
  3. Press and secure: Gently but firmly, press down on the patch, smoothing out any bubbles.
  4. Heat for extra hold (optional, but recommended): For an extra-strong bond, toss your patched item in the dryer on low heat for 15 minutes—or use a hair dryer set to low for 30 seconds. Sunshine can work in a pinch—just lay the patched area in direct sunlight for 15 minutes, then apply some pressure for good measure.

Smart Summer Storage for Your Winter Apparel

Now that your gear is clean and patched, it’s time to find it a summer home.

Here are some storage tips to keep your winter warriors safe from moths, mildew, and that dreaded summer clutter:

  • Pick a cool, dry place: Avoid hot attics or damp basements. Choose a closet or plastic box instead.
  • Hang it up: This prevents wrinkles and keeps your gear’s shape.
  • Think loose and breezy: Don’t cram everything into a tiny bin. Leave some room for air circulation. Or vacuum seal it, if that’s your thing.
  • Consider storage bags: Breathable storage bags provide extra protection, especially for down jackets.

Save Money, Shred More

By taking care of your winter gear, you’re saving money in the long run. Imagine all the epic ski trips or cozy winter weekends you can have instead of replacing worn-out clothes. So spend a little time storing your gear smart now, and get ready to make next winter unforgettable!

Shop NoSo Patches online. Or find NoSo Patches in one of the 250 retail stores in North America.