About Noso Patches

Noso Patches was founded in 2016 by Kelli Jones. Kelli saw too many people patching their gear with duct tape. She thought there had to be a better way, but after some research, she found the available products to be lacking in quality. Kelli set out to create a better patch. After trying out hundreds of different formulas, she engineered a perfect combination that would hold tight and look great for her active lifestyle. Kelli launched the product on Indiegogo, where it was successfully funded and worked hard to build the brand. Noso continues to move forward and grow. We hope that our product helps to improve the lives and gear of our customers.
Noso strives to help eliminate textile waste by making it easier to repair your gear. We were born in the mountains, and we deeply love the outdoors. Noso wants to preserve the environment by keeping gear out of landfills and being used. We want you to join us on this mission.
Patch on!