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Patch Power For Your People

Opt in to the circular economy with a custom business card that delivers on ease and performance.

It’s For The Planet

With our cutting edge technology, we’ve helped the best brands in the industry divert 18 million lbs of textile waste from landfills. We provide DIY solutions to keep gear in use. From conferences to company offsites, get outside of the boardroom and connect your clients with your sustainability values in a tangible and long lasting way.

It’s Circular

The NoSo Business Card solution unlocks more value for brands by enhancing renewal and recommence efforts. Design a business card that lasts, make old anew. Share NoSo with your customers and show them the power of circularity. A patch within a business card allows for maximum impact and engagement.

It’s A Connection

Sustainable actions speak louder than words. Show them that you care, Patch the Planet™! Offering your customers a DIY solution creates a deep connection to your brand. Tell your eco-story with a NoSo Business Card and show them your unique commitment to sustainability.

Protect The Environment, Prolong Your Gear

NoSo is more than a patch company, we’re part of an emerging new business mindset known as a circular economy.

We’re not just a product, we offer a solution. Our patches keep gear in use and out of the landfill by giving repair power back to the end user. No complicated mail-in return forms, no specialized repairs, just patch your gear and get going.

We supply the fabric, you supply the logo or artwork design. Customize our patch with your logo and promote your brand, cause, or event.

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I want to take a test drive before I get a real patch. Can you print a few for me?2020-10-11T14:25:28-06:00

Our custom programs have an order minimum of 200 per design for standard custom, so unfortunately not. We have existing patches available online. We might have one that you could try out and touch and feel if you need to, before you commit to anything.

Will you design my NoSo?2023-04-05T13:35:51-06:00

Custom NoSo do not include a custom patch design. However, we provide feedback on submitted design at no charge. We do have access to a couple of designers that we would be happy to introduce you to. Any services by a designer would be at an additional cost determined by the artist.

So you guys will print anything, right?2020-06-02T15:55:13-06:00

All of the custom NoSo we print are held to the same high aesthetic standards as the NoSo for sale on our site. We do have to say “no” to custom NoSo from time to time for various reasons.

What format should we use for files?2020-06-02T15:54:18-06:00

NoSo requires a high resolution file or minimum 300DPI image for high quality printing.  We can work with any file format, but prefer .jpg .png .tiff, .ai or .eps formats.

Can my Custom NoSo order feature branding or additional information?2020-06-02T15:53:12-06:00

Of course! A portion of the NoSo hang tag is reserved for branding content. Depending on the size of the NoSo, we can place anything from a black and white logo, URL information, a hashtag, or catchy slogan at an additional cost per hang tag.

Do NoSo come packaged?2020-06-02T15:52:16-06:00

Our custom NoSo do come packaged. We can offer loose patches if not for resale. We do offer a variety of packaging options; please contact us for more information and pricing.

What kind of fabric can I print on?2023-12-22T14:33:08-07:00

NoSo’s patches currently come in a variety of fabrics. From buttery soft polyester, warm and toasty merino wool, teddy bear adjacent fleece, light and free ripstop, all the way to heavy duty nylon. NoSo keeps you adventure ready regardless of whether you are ripping up a tent or a truck seat.

I have a thousand needles but I do not sew.2020-06-02T15:50:08-06:00

What am I? Well, there are quite a few answers to this riddle!! Porcupine, nurse, pine tree, record player, cactus!

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