#TakeCare Notes :

A brand is essentially a set of expectations and promises. The shared values between a customer and a brand is how we will change direction and start building instead of breaking. The sustainability of our planet is personal because it matters to each of us. And that is how we include each other in the dialogue and the solutions to the problems we are facing. When consumers make thoughtful decisions with their spending habits it inevitably causes businesses to take notice.

Inclusivity is the way to create the greatest positive impact on our environment. There is a way to stand out while also standing together for shared values and distribute accountability.  Inclusion happens when the consumer desires are heard and creates a wave of innovation, new solutions and options. More and more, businesses are becoming more transparent which builds trust with the consumer.

A new way of doing business can be described as profits with purpose. The trend of a purpose-driven mantra is redefining success in business. It’s a capitalistic shift that now places sustainability and environmental issues as factors in their overall goals that ultimately is bringing people together.  There is a way to do well at the same time do good. Social impact is moving things in the right direction and clearly is providing a great deal of hope for our future. Its hard to pinpoint a single voice in the crowd but rather it is a chorus.

The value chain from design to delivery is what we have needed and thankfully is starting to happen. We need more brands to take these cues and make thoughtful decisions at the design stage in order to develop products that will bring value and last.  There are two things that can make a difference and encourage inclusion. When customers use their purchase power for quality over quantity then there will be more quality products on the market. And the second thing that can be done is a mindset shift to create more thoughtful designs at the beginning of the development cycle.

The steps are being taken to place a premium on materials and products that are both ecofriendly and leave a less harmful impact on the planet. But even things that are created well can get a rip or a tear. Life happens.

This is where it gets fun. We can become more inclusive in the value we place on the treasures we own. We can impact each other by making standard acceptable practice become caring for what you have is more important than the amount you consume. Repairing your gear or repurposing products is honorable and can become a respected practice.

Sustainability is bridging the divide by highlight the point that it is personal. The health of the planet matters to all of us. And the solution is inclusion. We need to come together, help one another, and be mindful of the effects of our actions.

Making it cool to be conscious about the environment is a start. We share in the responsibility to the planet and it’s time to become accountable.

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Patch on!


Kelli Jones

CEO + Founder