NOSO Patches
#LoveTheOneYouHave Videos

Every well-loved piece of clothing has a great story. Or two or three. With this video series and our new hashtag #LoveTheOneYouHave, we celebrate the puffy jacket, backpack, hiking pants or tent that you’ll never part with because they’ve become your trusted partner in adventure and life.


Noso invites you to give us your #Nosomonial your favorite Noso ® – patched piece of gear or clothing. Submit your video about your beloved jacket, vest, sleeping bag or tent to [email protected] or tag @nosopatches and #LoveTheOneYouHave on social media.  Get your story boards ready, Happy Patchers! We can’t wait to see your video masterpieces about your favorite gear and clothing. So get out there, warm up your smartphone, GoPro, or your Red Digital Cinema Epic Helium 8K, and show us how you #LoveTheOneYouHave.