At NoSo Patches, we like to say, “the most sustainable product lasts”.  The stars were aligned when Save Your Wardrobe responded to our Instagram inquiry, as they like to say “the most sustainable garment is already in your wardrobe”.   Finding community has never been easier with all the digital tools at our fingertips.  We both share the same values and love educating others in an effort to collectively change consumer behaviors.

Based in the UK, Save Your Wardrobe is a mobile application who’s mission is to guide users on how to reconnect with the garments in their wardrobe and make the most of it, ultimately, encouraging them to buy less and better.  SYW, curates a circular ecosystem for your clothing, providing services such as, eco dry cleaning vendors, responsible donation centers, repair suggestions, alteration ideas and upcycled fashion shopping options.

We love their mission and we’re proud to support their efforts to extend the lifespan of gear and garment lifecycle and to empower others to be mindful of their actions.  We believe if a critical mass of people start patching their gear instead of trashing it, that has an impact.  Check out our #LoveTheOneYouHave repair videos HERE, isn’t it fantastic that together we’re all making a difference together!!

We invite you to explore the Save Your Wardrobe website HERE & watch a greener fashion video HERE.  They have wonderful articles to read and you can even learn a new skill.

A big hug + Thank You to Vedika & Zine for including us in your 12 Days of Christmas Celebration.  Together we’ll continue to patch the planet!

Patch Power To The People!

In love & peace,

Kelli Jones

founder, CEO

NoSo (no sew) :) Patches