Everyone loves the holidays and we can all agree that this time of year produces an extraordinary amount of waste. We don’t want to be a downer, but the truth is, we care. According to Stanford University, the US throws away 25% more trash during the holiday season. That’s about 25 million tons of garbage!

We can do better. Show your love for the planet this holiday season by working sustainability into your gift giving. You can still celebrate while being eco-conscious. Here’s how.

How to Give Sustainable Gifts

Sustainable Gifts. Buy long-lasting products that are durable, or personalized items that people definitely want. Think reusable water bottles and containers, coffee grounds from a local shop, candles or soap in a reusable container, baked goods, local plants, solar-powered lighting, and gift cards.

Gift Experiences. Gifts don’t have to be physical—you can also gift people experiences. Movie and concerts tickets, museum passes, a National Parks Pass, and donating to non-profits.

Tackle gift-wrapping. Did you know about 2.3 million pounds on gift wrapping ends up in landfills? Instead of buying new gift wrapping, use other paper items you have lying around the house. Old magazines, newspapers, and paper bags make great wrapping paper. You can even add your own flair by painting or drawing on them. Get creative here—use twine from bakery purchase, greenery from your garden, use past gift wrapping from other gifts, or old bandanas. Bonus points if you can avoid tape.

Shop local.How much waste like cardboard boxes and plastic wrap is creating through buying gifts online? As a bonus for buying local, you support your favorite small businesses and community. If you do shop online, see If there’s an option to offset the CO2 from the order. This makes the purchase carbon neutral. Many brands are offering this at check out at a small cost.

Buy gifts from second-hand stores. For all the reasons above, this is a great idea. But buying second-hand is also a great way to reuse items that already exist. Buy a jacket, piece of furniture, or book that’s already been produced, instead of something new. Who knows, you might even find decorations there.

Instead of buying new gear, give the gift of repair and flair with a patch. Use NoSo Patches to extend the life of your gear by repairing holes and tears, covering stains, or adding some much needed flair to old gear. Nothing says sustainability like keeping your beloved gear out of landfills.

Holiday Sustainability is Up to You

This holiday season, it’s up to YOU to make sustainable choices. We all have a responsibility to our planet to reduce waste through whatever means necessary. Thank you for staying eco-conscious and patching the planet.

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