NoSo Patches is proud to celebrate our 7th birthday! That’s right. We’ve been patching the planet for seven years! With your help, we’ve saved millions of pounds of textiles and gear from landfills—all in style.

NoSo Birthday

The NoSo Repair Patch Origin Story

It all started with a torn Patagonia Fitz Roy. Our founder, Kelli Jones, had a run-in with a barbed-wire fence that damaged her pristine jacket. The only thing she could find to fix it was duct tape. It was an eyesore. Who wants stiff, ugly duct tape on their new jacket? It was not the right tool for the job.

Like a lot of outdoorsy people, Kelli is hard on her gear. Not wanting to ditch it in a dumpster, she decided to develop something to make it last. She cut this material into hearts and star-shaped patches. These simple designs looked good enough to capture the attention of skiers in the tramline at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. People liked the look of Kelli’s original heart patch on her sleeve, and the idea of DIY repair patches.

In August 2016, NoSo Patches launched a successful crowdfunding campaign. Since then, our clothing repair patches have exploded in popularity. Customers can find our NoSo Repair Patches in more than 1,000 specialty stores in 10-plus countries. Not to mention our online patch store which has received thousands of orders from around the world.

NoSo Turns 7

NoSo’s Accomplishments

We have so much to celebrate. From our amazing collaborations with top brands and marvelous artists to new product lines—and all the behind-the-scenes work to make our products even better—it’s been a stellar year for us, our partners, and our customers.

To call out just a few wins:

Now that’s something to commemorate!

NoSo's 7th Year

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Our Customers

It’s expensive and wasteful to throw away clothing and outdoor gear. Many synthetic materials take generations to biodegrade—if they ever do! This means landfills fill up with clothing that suffers from the most minor imperfections. This is a big win for our customers too, who save big bucks on repairing their gear rather than replacing it.

Together, we can patch the planet!

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