We’re terrible with secrets. It’s been hard to keep quiet this long, but we’re excited to share with your our latest upcycle collaboration and addition to the NoSo family.

Y’know the ladies who make the original insulated ski skirts over at SKHOOP? This year, they had 84 yards of leftover fabric from their 2017 / 2018 product line. Instead of shipping it off to the landfill and hoping it magically biodegrades in less than 40 years, NoSo rescued it and designed some fabulous custom patches with the Skhoop Logo outline in Lily Pink, Bordeaux, and Champagne.

We’re stoked to work with Skhoop. Not only have we helped this company implement a closed loop supply chain but we’ve also helped to reduce textile waste at the manufacturing level, and provided a DIY repair solution for their customers.

NoSo Patches Made with Upcycled Fabric from Skhoop

Did we mention how much we LOVE these new Skhoop fabric colors?! A bit different than our norm core, simple, but bold colors in our signature collection. These colors are striking and add a bit of pop to your favorite gear.

This is a limited edition collection. All of our patches are available in 3 new colors, Lily Pink, Bordeaux, and Champagne right now in our store. Hurry, these patches will sell out fast!

Oh, and if you love the Skhoop Flower, find it on Skhoop’s website in 6 gorgeous colors.

Stick with us & patch on!