Outdoor lovers and adventurers know they live a rough-and-tumble lifestyle. Hiking, biking, snowsports, climbing, and all the rest are tough on your body—not to mention your gear. While rest and relaxation can give your body time to recuperate and heal, your outdoor apparel doesn’t work the same way. Puffy jackets experience wear and tear. Tents get ripped. And hiking pants get holes in them.

What’s an outdoor enthusiast supposed to do about it? Let’s take a look at how to extend the life of your outdoor gear and apparel with easy repairs—and why that matters.

The Cost of Not Repairing Your Outdoor Apparel and Gear

“Out with the old and in with the new” isn’t always the best strategy. Too often people throw away an expensive jacket, their favorite hiking pants, or even a backpack just because it has a hole or rip in it.

That’s not to say a hole or tear isn’t a problem—it certainly can be. But that thrown-away gear (more often than not) ends up in a landfill, where it’ll exist for years, decades, or even longer! Not to mention the CO2 production of creating new clothing, which heats up the planet. And then there’s the big bucks you’re spending to buy a new jacket, tent, backpack, pair of pants, or whatever else.

Thankfully, there’s a much better option—better for you, your wallet, and mother nature herself!

The Benefits of Repairing Your Outdoor Garments With NoSo Patches

NoSo Patches are fabric patches that repair your outdoor gear in 1-2-3 easy steps. No need to throw away otherwise perfectly good garments just because it’s got a tear or hole. NoSo Patches are permanent, durable, waterproof fixes for your favorite outdoor gear and apparel.

Here’s how to apply a NoSo Patch:

  1. Clean and clear the affected area. Got a rip? Trim any loose fibers and wipe away any dirt with an alcohol wipe if you can. You just want a clean area to apply the adhesive patch.
  2. Peel the patch off like a sticker and apply it. Center the patch over the damaged area, stick it, and smooth it from the center to the edges. Yes! It’s just that easy.
  3. Apply heat to set it for good. When you have a chance, apply heat to permanently set the patch; 30 seconds with a hairdryer is just what you need.

And that’s it. Yes, that’s really all it takes.

Got a crazy big tear? Here’s a pro tip. Try the “patch sandwich” method of using one patch on the outside and one patch on the inside. This will cover the adhesive on either side and make your ripped gear better than new.

Here’s a short list of benefits of using NoSo to patch your outdoor gear:

  • Our patches save you money. A patch is an inexpensive fix—especially compared to buying a whole new piece of clothing or gear.
  • Our patches help the planet. We are proud to say we’ve helped save more than two million pieces of outdoor gear from the landfill.
  • Our patches are stylish. You even need a repair reason to use our fabulous patches. Just stick a design you like on your favorite gear and go. Personalization is just that simple.
  • Our patches are on-the-go friendly. Keep a couple of NoSo Patches in your pack or pocket for on-the-go repairs. Or give them to a friend in need when they get a tear for some brownie points from another hiker.

All in all, NoSo Patches help extend the life of your gear by fixing common tears, rips, and holes. That’s a benefit for you, your wallet, and the planet. So, why not explore our online patch shop or find us in some of your favorite stores!