Don’t know what to gift?  We asked our Gift Genius to recommend patches for all the different peeps in your life.

The Wild One: Have an adventurous chap in your life? He’s going to love the WYO BAG that will speak to his giddy-up side with the bucking bronco patch. 

The Fashionista: For the Runway Ready, Lil’ Bits are the only way to go. Add a little flair here and there, double and triple up the patches when there’s a big affair.

The Patriot: Help this one show their pride. Pride for their countrystate, lifestyle. Hey ColoRADoans, check out your local REI store for the new Colorado flag.

USA Flag DIY Gear Repair Patch

The Arteest: The Yayoi Kusama lovers in your address book are going to love the new NoSo ArtFix by A. Lizotte patches that up your patchgame. You can also gift the beautiful NoSo ArtFix by Katherine Homes patches that bring attention to threatened species.


The Commitment Phobe: We all know one. And we love them. Which is why the Patchdazzle Kit is on point for their #patchgame. Cut out any shape and size! And at 25% off during our Cyber Monday sale on November 26, you can get them a suite of sweet colors to match their mood.

The Ski Bunny: White pants. Curled hair. Cutest helmet EVER. And it doesn’t matter because you know she SHREDS. We made the Bunny Bag just for her. While you’re at it, you should get her a Meow Pow Bag too. Puuurrrrrfect.Gear repair patch for tents, jackets, tarps, sleeping bags

The BUDdy: This guy or gal is never too far from the vape pen. Hashtag hash oil!  We’re counting 10 legal states right now and let’s not forget how great hemp is as a crop. Light up your cart with the Bhaang Bag to show your support.Fabric Patch for jackets, tents, sleeping bags

The Watcher: They’ve always got a bead on the hot club, the best brunch and the coolest bum bag. They pay attention to what’s happening out there on the street. So give them some eyes to keep on the latest trend.

Whose stockings are you most excited to stuff this year? Let us know in the comments!